Monthly Meeting – February 14th, 2019

FEBRUARY 14, 2019-Monthly meeting in Villa Maria Cafeteria

Research night

MARCH 14, 2019-Monthly meeting in Villa Maria Cafeteria

Julie Roberts Szczepankiewicz Presentation on Genealogy DNA research.

DNA testing has become increasingly popular among genealogists, yet many people don’t really understand what to do with their test results or how to use them to verify and extend their family trees. After a brief overview of the different kinds of DNA tests available (autosomal, mitochondrial, y-DNA) and their applications in research, Julie will focus on autosomal DNA testing. She’ll help you understand your ethnicity estimates and why they might vary from what you expect, suggest resources for evaluating and analyzing your DNA matches, and demonstrate the use of chromosome browsers, GEDmatch, and   DNA Painter.


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