PGSNYS Community Events

September 13, 2014 – PGSNYS Genealogy Fair at St. Gabriel’s Church, Elma, NY. 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Guest speaker, Sharon Umiker, at 1:00 p.m.

Sharon Umiker has been working on her genealogy for 15 years and is on the staff of the Family History Center in Williamsville, NY.  She has been a frequent presenter at the annual Buffalo Family History Seminar, which is sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  She also has been a guest speaker for local community groups.  Sharon is originally from Allegany County and is researching lines in the Eastern United States as well as the British Isles and Europe.

October 18, 2014: LDS Family History Center -  The Buffalo New York Family History Seminar. This year’s theme is “Branching Out: Bringing Genealogy into the 21st Century.”  Schedule and other information will be forthcoming.

Holy Mother of the Rosary Polish National Catholic Cemetery Restoration Project


Phase II of the restoration of the oldest section of the Holy Mother of the Rosary Polish National Catholic Church cemetery located on Dale Road in Cheektowaga, NY is scheduled to begin on Thursday June 5th.  Lisa Anselmi PhD, the Assistant Professor and Chair Archeologist of the Anthropology Department at Buffalo State College, along with her 10 students and Assistant Professors, will be searching for unmarked graves with the use of their ground penetrating radar equipment. By determining if there has been previous ground disturbance, locating these graves will help confirm occupied and vacant burial sites and perhaps even find unearthed headstones. The Anthropology team will be canvassing the cemetery a total of five days: from June 5 through Wednesday June 11th, 9 am to 4pm.  Former and current parishioners and the interested general public are encourage d to visit the cemetery and observe while work is in progress.  
As the early burial records had been destroyed years ago in a parish office fire, recreating and documenting these interments has been a long, difficult task. Parishioner Deborah Lasek, Project Coordinator, along with her assistant, Maureen Gleason and Edward Dudek cemetery groundskeeper, with additional help from some volunteers from the community along with members of the cemetery board and parishioners, have been unearthing, leveling and restoring of the frail headstones. Numerous hours have been devoted to the reading, transcribing and photographing the faded lettering on the legible stones.  All documentation is then being entered into a database for the church’s permanent record to replace the lost information.  Requests for death certificates, burial permits and any other proof of interment such as a funeral card, is being asked to be provided b y the deceased descendants. Contact 681-3526 or bring copies directly to the cemetery restoration staff.  An information table will be set up at the cemetery. 

Genealogy Sundays at Forest Lawn

Genealogy Sundays at Forest Lawn are at 2pm on the dates below. Forest Lawn is one of the largest repositories of individual and family heritage in Western New York.

Forest Lawn speaker Rhonda Konig, Grosvenor Room Librarian at Buffalo & Erie County’s Central Library, in the historic Forest Lawn chapel for an introduction to genealogy research, including basic concepts, types of records used, and an overview of genealogy resources available through the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library System. Seating is limited; reservations are required. Tickets for this Sunday In The Cemetery® Concert & Lecture Series event are $15. Get Tickets.



PRESIDENT: Denise Oliansky
VICE PRESIDENT: (Immediate past President): David Newman
SECRETARY: Dolores Ferguson
TREASURER: Chuck Pyrak


Maureen Gleason
Walter Kloc
Pierre LaLoie
Patricia Neuland
Patricia Rooney

Photo: (L to R) Denise Oliansky, Maureen Gleason, Dolores Ferguson, Chuck Pyrak, Walter Kloc, Pierre LaJoie.

Absent from photo: Patricia Neuland, Patricia Rooney, David Newman.

PolishOrigins Galicia Tour

5-minutes video from the 2013 Tours we have recently made. It is available on our YouTube channel here: .

If you are interested in shorter version of the video, we have prepared also 1 minute 30 seconds clip which is available here: .

We would be happy to answer any questions you, or your members, might have about PO Galicia Tour. Of course, the offer of 7% discount of the Tour fee for your members is still valid.

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